Customer request: Save filename with date

Hi @pascal ,

is there a script around, which saves Rhino files with date in the filename?

Perhaps also a start for an advanced filename dialog (with date, username, etc.).



Hi Michael - probably not too hard (famous last words)… I’ll have a try at it.

@Michael_Meyer - do you want to save time-stamped copies of the current file without changing the current file name, or do you want to SaveAs with a time stamp and be working in that new file?

If it’s a copy, you can try the test command

_-TestFileSnapshot - it may do what you need, with the appropriate options set.

Hmm - it’s not actually working… back to the drawing board.

@Michael_Meyer - here’s a thing that may be partway there - it does the following:

Saves the current file
Proposes a modified file name in the Save dialog
SaveAs to this location and name
Re-opens the original file.

In other words it saves a copy of the original file but in effect keeps the original file open. It could also keep the saved file open and it could also just do the save once it knows the location and base name and not ask every time with a Save dialog… depends what is wanted…

(Guranteed slightly tested, and I’m not sure how it will work on non-English systems)


Hi Pascal,

wow, thank you for the script. I will forward it to my customer.

Yeah, a working _-TestFileSnapshot would be nice.