Custom text/number formatting in layout

Hi all!

Here’s a wish: the ability to write custom formats for arbitrary things – strings, numbers, whatever – in text fields. A specific example: When creating shop drawings, I often have four or five scale drawings per sheet. Our firm’s standard is to notate the scale as 01" = 2’-6". I was so excited to find “DetailScale” as a text variable in Rhino 7, but it just barely doesn’t have quite the right format. The closest thing evaluates to 1" = 2.5’, which… I’ve never seen anyone measure in fractions of a foot.

Seems like a trivial thing, but the more abstracted version would be super helpful – the ability to format any text via python or regex (I know currently “anything that evaluates to a number” can be formatted, but this is a unique case of number plus string, and being able to also change case, find/replace, etc would be huge).Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 5.39.57 p