Custom Text Fields in Title Blocks

Following the Layout tutorials to create layout views and title blocks, I was able to recreate a beautiful cover sheet for architectural shop drawings.

I have searched extensively, but I haven’t been able to find exactly how to create automated custom text fields using the fx options. My specific issue is I would like to populate the cover sheet with information like:
–Project Name
–Sheet Description
So that each one of those text fields populate to each specific instance in the title block. The only way that I’m (sort of) able to get it to work is using the %<objectname("id")>% function, but the ‘id’ values do not stick once a block is created from the objects. I’m assuming I need to use %<usertext ("id", "key")>% or %<documenttext("key")>%, but I can’t figure them out.

I’ve got the date and page functions working, those are pretty easy. This issue, on the other hand, is giving me problems.

After I figure out this hurdle, step 2 is trying to figure out a way to auto-populate the DRAWING INDEX as a list on the cover sheet with a table of contents, for instance:

If a architectural shop drawing consisted of 3 pages (Cover sheet, Plan View, Elevation View), the DRAWING INDEX would list out, in table form:
B.01-------------PLAN VIEW--------------1/2/13
B.01---------ELEVATION VIEW---------1/2/13

Something like that…

Here’s a link to the on-line Help File article for Text Fields:

Thanks John!
I did find that help section, and it did help me out a little.
I kind of figured out how to populate multiple instances with the same information within my title blocks
and shop drawing pages, although I’m probably not doing it the most efficient way.

I think I found a bug as well. Trying to figure out how to create a screencast video of it, or maybe just
try to go through it to document it for mcneel. I did have Rhino5 crash on me the other day while
trying to edit a text block with ObjectText or DocumentText, I can’t remember. But I did send a
crash report and explained, albeit vaguely, what happened during the crash.

I’ll keep playing with it.