Custom shelf

Hi everybody!

I need to create an algorithm to custom this shelf. It has 90cm x 180cm and I want to ramdomly change your different modules. I tried with Substrate, but modules don’t have fixed dimensions. It’s very random. I would like to have more control of result.

Welcome @marciobonadia,

Are you a Grasshopper beginner or advanced user, and privy to scripting (i.e. Python, C#) and such?
You could also be more precise about your algorithm and what it rules are? What sizes would the individual rectangles be? What are other rules to consider?
To be totally honest, this is a pretty involved topic (I think) and far less straightforward than you might think a first glance.
For instance, rectangle packing algorithms with rectangles of predefined sizes, won’t always find a solution, where the boundary rectangle is totally filled, or filled without any gaps between the individual rectangles.

You could use that

Thanks for your reply! I’m a beginner user. I’m a postgraduate student in Digital Architecture but I had never used the Grasshopper before. The teacher taught some scripts in Python but very simple.
For this exercise I had an idea to build a shelf (or bookcase) with 6 modules. Obligatorily the shelf must have at least two pieces of each. So to complete you can add more pieces. This results in 10 different choices.

For example… 1 choice: I want to add more 6 red modules.
Or …
2nd choice: I want to add more 4 red modules and 1 yellow.

I don’t get to install Anemone (0.4) in Rhino 6.0. :frowning:

Why not?