Custom Preview inside a cluster will not work

I’m trying to create a user object for previewing both the brep and wireframe.

The definition works fine inside a cluster, but once I save and exit the object definition canvas and return to the main canvas, the preview will not show.

Not sure if this is a Rhino WIP problem or a GH problem.

Please refer to the attached screenshots for more info:

Inside the cluster:

Outside the cluster:

Hi @xliotx

Grasshopper purposefully does not draw anything inside Clusters, with the intention of speeding up their calculation. Admittedly it could make an exception for items that are there to only preview, but then if this simple idea would extend, it would become more and more difficult to distinguish what is drawing stuff and what is not. I take that might have been @DavidRutten’s idea.

Hi @piac

Thank you for the explanation. If this is not a bug, I’m now fully understand.