Points and lines are not visible in Rhino

Hello everyone,

I am facing an issue with the visibilty of the points and lines that I have created using the grasshopper script. This problem occurs when I compile my grasshopper script into a cluter. But when I open the cluster everything is visible.

What preview setting do you have turned on in your grasshopper canvas?

Hi Michael,
you mean this option

Yes, and with that setting it should be showing up.

Can you please upload your gh definition with any input geometry/data internalized?

I’ll take a look to see if the behavior repeats on my end.


test.gh (17.1 KB)

Okay I see the issue,

You aren’t actually outputting the points that you wish to display as a cluster output so the cluster, as designed, does not preview nodes disconnected from outputs.

You need to connect this node to an output:

Result Outside Of Cluster:

I’ve attached an updated version of your cluster that shows the points as well.

20230530_test_Response_01a.gh (15.2 KB)

Thank you very much

You’re welcome, have a good day!