Custom Parameter Internalize data


I would like to ask what I am missing for internalize button to work after I right click on the component.
I implemented read and write, but internalized is greyed out.
I can copy paste in rhino canvas the component and the data stays.

There are two classes that are normally required for cutom data type in Grasshopper:

Internalize data works when there are volatile data, when the input has sources. In that capture you already have the data internalized.

I am stupid. Thank you.
I was too much into this coding problem, that I forgot simple user interface…

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HI @Petras_Vestartas,

your examples are insightful, but to be honest I couldn’t understand where ON_Data_Cloud comes from in GH_Convert.ByteArrayToCommonObject<PointCloud>(reader.GetByteArray("ON_Data_Cloud"));. Following your examples, I tried to write the functionalities to internalize a custom parameter but I think I miss something. Any hint/help would be welcome. Thanks!