Custom increment in number slider

Hi all,

I apologize if this is a very simple case.
I tried looking at how to do custom sliders and it seems I could not find an example from the similar case.
I wanted to do a number slider starting from 285 and ending at 485.
I wanted the slider to have an increment of 10
However, it is not possible to use expressions such as x*10 since my starting value (285) will be multiplied by 10. Most of the questions about increment have a starting value of 0.

Do I need to use other components?

Thank you


Set the slider to Integer, Min = 0, Max = 20. Set the expression to “285+(x*10)”. (1.7 KB)

Ah, that is how it works,

Thank you so much, Joseph!

Very interesting.

If you need a slider that incremental is another number, obtained from other slider, how would it be done?

for example: I need a slider 0 to 20 with a incremental of other slider 0.1 to 5. If my second slider is 0.2 the results will be 0-0.2-0.4-0.6…etc

How about multiply the two sliders and use a panel to see the result?