Custom data tree

hey … how to create a custom data tree… like {0,0,3} {0,0,7} {0,015}… {0,0,400}…

selecting random values b/w 0-400 and create data tree from it.

Hi, why you want to do this?

actually … i want to select particular items from the lists…
it is possible if I flatten the list item and put random values in item index .
but i dont want to do that … i dont want to break the data tree,paths.

Not at the computer atm.
But I would create random true/false / 0/1 pattern. Param viewer -> cull pattern and use the culled paths for tree branch.
When I’m home, I can make an example :slight_smile:

Here it is: (10.6 KB)

Or you could do “Random Reduce” on the paths, which takes up slightly fewer components :slight_smile: (10.8 KB)

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Yep that’s better :smiley:

U could also go with replacePaths.
Almost the same method as above, but u can also merge different datatree-parts to a single one, and therfor combine them… (11.3 KB)