Creating a custom data tree

Hi there,
What I want to do is create a script which produces a manipulatable data tree where I can

  • alter the number of levels
  • alter the number of points on each level
  • and alter the number of points that correspond to the point on the previous level,
  • etc…

The aim is to then bake the curves to export them to a vector graphics editor for use in an inforgraphic, so therefore as the desire is just the curve output the input data is irrelevant.

I have already found a VB script component made by David Rutten to turn the data tree into curves.
( (9.3 KB) )

I have only now started researching data trees and a few days down the line am still struggling to control them into a form that I want.

does anyone know how i could achieve this?

For a more specific image of what data structure I specifically want, here is csv with example values in. Data tree_Exmpl_2.csv (2.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!


Please post any and all answers in the parallel discussion.