Custom Checklist with "visual" branch and index options?

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Hi, guys! Could u please help me to find out such a plugin for grasshopper which can form a checklist where branch number is a headline and each index is under its headline (as in picture). as it is on the list. Or, if there is no such a plugin how I can create it, and what I need to accomplish such stuff.
For a more clear picture of my mind, I’ve made an example of what I need in grasshopper, by replacing imaginary plugin with the image of how I see it should be.
Thanks in Advance!

You can right-click a Value List and make that a check list, perhaps that (combined with some list/tree components) might work for you:


thanks for reply, AndersDeleuran. Your suggested method is not suitable for my issue. I need more advanced tool. for example like Heteroptera’s Pick item plugin, but more detailed… if u noticed I need automatic input, but value list has only manual data input…

Where is the problem with Heteroptera Item pick?

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thanks for ur reply, seghierkhaled, the problem is that there is no branch identification and we don’t have opportunity uncheck all branch in one click. The lack of identification does not issue in this specific example but when u have a bunch of branches and objects in them u could make mistakes so often.

I don’t know if there is a component like what you want but actually you can use Heteroptera item pick and it have 3 options: Check-list,list-item, tree-item
when you check items you can switch to list-item and check the first item to uncheck all other item in the same tree than switch back to check-list

Seghier khaled, indeed, I am planning to do it in 2 step if I can not find a solution. one for branch one for objects in branch.

You can also use group to separate branches

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Seghier khaled, yeah smt like u did. But do u know how I can write such a plugin. I think it will be useful for all.

I have no idea about plugins ; maybe with python or c++ can someone do it

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thanks, for ur time Seghier khaled!

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advanced (9.6 KB)

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Seghier khaled, great, I am also right on this way, and now I am thinking about how to give a special name to my groups and items in it, do u have an idea?

No i don’t know ; maybe with scripting

Maybe this help with Value list and you create Group names

Hi, thank you for the feedback. I just updated (r this component, to which adding some other feature either.
the new features are:

  • Preserved Empty-Structures option

  • Clear ! button

  • Ignore picking order option, to switch between preserving list item orders based on input list or the order of picking items.

  • Adding the branch label above the nodes of the lists

  • solve the problem of deselecting of the single-selected-node


here is the an example of what you may want.

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Hi, Amin! Thanks for ur reply and special development of ur plugin! U R the Best! one more question: is it possible to replace branches and index numbers to special names if needed?