Curvilinear lamella dome

hello everyone !!
I am a beginner in grasshopper and I am doing a project but am struggling hoe to hide the arch from my triangles and also i want to connect with circles in order to form a Curvilinear lamella dome.
is there anyone who can help me?

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Try Ngon plugin. (12.4 KB)


thank you, its works very well!!!
I have another question please, am trying to sort horizontal elements and diagonals in two separate groups but it seems that this method not working correctly (figure) .so do you know what can be the mistake?

I don’t understand. What are the horizontal and diagonal elements? Elaborate please.

Pretty obvious, eh? The horizontal segments form circles, the diagonal elements form spirals.

yeah the rings and diagonals !!!

dome (19.0 KB)

thank you !!
am still do not understand how to sort rings of the dome. I already have done the diagonals as mentioned in the picture.

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thank you for your answers!!!
but probably you didn’t get my question. Let me explain it in another way !!!

I want to optimize the cross-section of rings of the dome, so am trying to sort them into a separate group.
I have done sorting the diagonals(fig below) bars but the ring bars am struggling with them.

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sadly i can’t do it in this way :frowning: .
I have my model already, from my panel I want to sort the rings !!!

If you are still happy with ngon plugin, then check this as well. (16.5 KB)

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