This came up while trying to figure out a workflow in a live stream. I originally asked for CurveThroughPolyline to have an option to join curves that were within tolerance. Somehow, that ended up becoming MergeCrv and Joincopy.

Three things:

  1. There’s no way to control the seam with Joincopy/MergeCrv. You get halfway through a workflow and a seam will suddenly shift and wreck the surfaces you’ve created.

JoinCopy_MergeCrv Bug.3dm (124.6 KB)

  1. Joincopy being a separate command (not an option in CurveThroughPolyline) is a quality of life issue. The Joincopy output clutters the workspace and forces you to create “Junk” layers.
  2. Joincopy is superior to MergeCrv. With Joincopy you control the continuity between curves, while MergeCrv behaves like MergeSrf and does its own thing.

Here’s the relevant clip from the live stream showing these issues:


@pascal @mikko Can this please get added to RH-56306?

@mikko Still bumping into this issue left and right.

I can’t find a situation where MergeCrv makes sense over Joincopy. Joincopy allows you to control the transitions between crvs (either _CurveThroughPolyline or _BlendCrv).

I am really upset that Joincopy is so promising, but without seam/direction control, it is effectively useless.