Curves on surface

Hi all,

i have a surface and I’m looking to create curves along this surface equally, so i can take these curves into 3ds max and render. the green part is the surface and the blue lines are where i am wanting the curve. the surface is not on a flat plane which is why is compliated.



I’ve just thought that I can extrude surfaces through the plane and then split them through the plane and then dup boarder to create curves, but is there another way or doing this? like maybe sweep across surface?

I think the command Contour might be what you are looking for - it accepts meshes as input as well as NURBS.

HTH, Jakob

Use the “project” command, that will project the curves on your mesh or surface perpendiculary to the Cplane.
If you want a particular direction of projection you may have to change the Cplane first.

thanks a lot, i think the project command is what i was after, thanks alot both

OffsetCrvOnSrf creates curves on a surface offset by a constant distance from another curve on the surface.