Curves as a volume objects

Hi, is there any chance to apply some predefined geometry to curves rather than cylinder?

In Max I have a chance to apply rectangular profile to curve. Is it possible in Rhino?

Why do I asking about it? Of course I saw pipe in solid creation tab. But it’s cylindrical. And, of course, I saw sweep 1 rail in surface creation tab, but it’s not usable in case of hundreds lines you need to apply rectangular shape.

I have a building with a lot of different windows with slim plastic profiles. In Max I just draw the lines and tick “Enable in Render” (*) Rectangular 1 cm. And all selected lines getting shape I needed. How to do something similar in Rhino? If it possible at all, of course. Thanks.

if you only have flat objects then choose Offset apply the width you want inside or outside of the cirlce then select both curves and extrude as solid, done. if you need more complex shapes than square ore rectangular, there is a script out here somewhere which might do that. here it is at least for square shapes. maybe it could be adapted to other shapes.

sweep will for sure be a bit more work but would provide more flexibility in matters of shape if the script would not suffice.

Hi Alexy - in Rhino, only round section - ApplyCurvePiping


The script is just perfect! Thanks!

Maybe in new WIP version implementation of this function could will be great.

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