just a noob thing. I can’t come out with a solution for using the Curve.Simplify function.
Tried a few parameters combination, but I keep on getting a “nothing” back for my calls.
I should get arcs out of a nurbs curve, but I can’t figure out how to do that on the attached geometry.
Could anyone please give me a shout?
fnurbs_test.3dm (15.5 KB)

Hi Fabio, if you run _SimplifyCrv on your curve, it says “No curves where simplified”.

I guess to get arcs, it requires an equivalent of the _Convert command with option _Output=Arcs like this.


Hi Clement.
Migrated the whole plugin on Rhino 6 (was Rhino 5). Curves have this super method you mentioned called .ToArcsAndLines which is straight to the point and works perfectly.