Curve on surface - David help us

Hi all,

My is a simple question, I’ve already checked the topic on the old forum, but I’ve still a problem.
I’m trying to drawing and calculate a steel staircases, the horizontal path of the staircases is like a snatch.
The stairs have just steel plate step and a lateral curved plate as structural support (stringers).

My work flow is the following:

  • catch the horizontal path of the stairs from architectural project
  • create in GH all the step and the stringer
  • bake the created surface
  • export surface to my meshing structural software (I use Midas Gen + Midas Fx)
  • calculate the structure
  • back to rhino+GH check the structure
  • export direct all the possible geometry direct in Tekla with Tekla+GH live link.

I’ve tried to the following command:

  • grab the curve from rhino
  • create a vertical surface in GH
  • explode the brep and catch one of the horizontal boundaries
  • shatter the line with the desiderd step
  • move these step with a vertical serier
  • grab the initial and final point of the step
  • create an interpolate line on surface.

Unfortunately when I’ve imported the geometry in my meshing software I’didn’t match teh congruence on the boundaries.

The problem was that the interpolate curve didn’t match exactly the surface.

Here some images





Please upload GH file with internalised data. or, upload Rhino3dm file (14.7 KB)

SORRY… (17.4 KB)

Like this?.

Ok these was for the step, my question is for the stringer, in my definition the stringer line didn’t fit perfectly with the boundaries of the step. (14.7 KB)

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I think there still the same problem, the curve of the step doesn’t fix exactly with the stringer curve…

here the top view…

You can fit your curve on the surface by changing rhino unit tolerance setting fr 0.001 to 0.1…

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Ok but the numerical problem still remain, when we try to drawing an interpolate curve on surface GH didn’t catch the exactly solution…

David help us…