How to match curves of different surfaces on a common edge

Hi everyone,
I need your help. I’m building using rhino & Gh the structure of my building: I want to have a grid of beams that follows the isocurve of my surfaces. My problem is: i need to have different surfaces one next to the other because if I merge them I can’t reach a solution because of the particular shape of the building and I want the curve of Surface 1 to match the curve of surface2 on the common edge. The curves are created through points with “Nurbs Curve”: we need the curve to be built through points because we will have to distort those curves with “Pinch and spread” (pufferfish plug-in). What can I to have like a single curve through both surfaces without merging them? I attach 2 pictures of the problem.
Thank you!

Hello sailor!
It would help a lot if you upload your gh script.
If I understood right you need to create continuous beams through the whole surface?

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Sir Ernest Shackleton.