Curve division by almost random intervals

Hey guys, so im trying to create something like the facade of the national heart centre by broadway malyan.

i have a plane. which i extracted the longer curve from. its 7500 units long. and i want to divide it to random parts, with a minimum of 20 units, and a maximum of 180 units. jumps are multiplications of 20…

so something like this comes out: points at - 20,60,80,120,200,220 etc… in addition im trying to avoid repetition of distances… I.E. if i have a point on the curve at a distance of 180. the point before cant be the same as the one after. jumps cant repeat - 20,20,20,40,20,40,40 (this numbers are not the ones i need).

what i need is - 20, 40,20,60,40,20 jumps…

i hope u understood.
i have a file, but since i cant create what i want, i find it useless to upload it.

Hope u guys can help. thank you. (3.5 KB)


This uses Set Difference in an Anemone loop to avoid having the same value repeated at adjacent points. Randomness could probably be improved. (25.3 KB)

By the way, the facade of the National Heart Centre Singapore by Broadway Malyan is really ugly and must have irritated the builders to no end, IMHO. So much trouble for a visual dud.

Here’s a different way to get the random values. How can you tell which version is better? (25.5 KB)

A third way (below) of getting the initial random values: (25.7 KB)

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Thank you guys!!