Curve and Surface same direction offset

Hello everyone,

Im driving myself mad with this script.
I need to offset curves and surfaces in the same direction but the more I try the more it gets messy. I will appreciate any help. I have attached the script with internalized data.

Thanks in advance!!

internalize the files

they are internalized

the code has 32 toggle functions
its driving crazy to on / off them
well what is your question here off the curve or surface
is it in the model or after unrolling
what you r planning to make the out come

Hello @Rajeev2 I have attached a snip of the issue. I need to offset multiples curves inside, create a few surfaces from them and extrude them. The issue is that some curves will offset outwards rather than inwards and when extruding them or offset srf, some of them will do it in the opposite way. I have nearly 400 triangles and dont want to pick them manually and flip them (I also tried that, but fail in the process).

I also attached the final outcome.

i have tried something u can check out the rest

UNFOLD-LAYOUT-DIM 011 - WEST - Copy (306.8 KB)

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