Curvature lines on a Surface

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I am trying to get the Curvature line grid on a surface using GHpython. So in the script, I am finding one set of Principal Curvature lines using 2 Planes (formed using Normal Vector and Curvature vector at a point on surface) which bisects the surface. Then later I am diving the set of Principal Curvature lines into points and applying the same logic on the set of divison points. But I am getting weird results. it seems like the curvature is flipping its direction. It would be very kind if someone can have a look at the script and help me with the mistakes.

Principal Curvature (13.0 KB)

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Anand Shah

Hi Anand,

Well, not flipping but rapidly changing. Inspect your surface with the _Curvature command and you’ll see. Note that on a sphere the minimum and maximum curvature is equal.

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Hi Jess,

Thank you very much for your response. it would be really kind you if you could help me find a possible way to get something like the attached image ( from H.Pottmann book on Architectural Geometry) , a grid of best fit principal curvature lines on a surface.

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Hi Anand,
you may try these scripts:
I think the pure python stuff still works fine.

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Hey Anand, I wonder if you reached an answer cause I’ve been having the same question and I couldn’t find anything yet.
Any help would be much appreciated.