Cursor Tool tips


The Cursor’s tools tips emphasized by an opaque light-grey rectangular, often hide the exact part of the model into where i need to pick my next point [especially if working from the left to the right of the screen]

it also doesn’t look nice.

It would be very helpful to add transparency to that tooltips rectangle [or if possible to just have the tips without the rectangle]

with thanks

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Akash - in Windows you can at least change the offset - just checking that on the mac… Hmm - it looks like it’s not possible on Rhino for Mac.



Thank you Pascal, Yes it is not possible on the Mac,
another way to solve this, i see now AD is using in Fusion36, is to break it down into separate tooltips, that leaves enough space to see where you are

this is one way to get all the info without obscuring the where we need to see.


(Dan Belcher) #4

@pascal Can you please log an item for this so that we don’t forget to add it to Rhino for Mac?

(Pascal Golay) #5

Yep, done