Cursor stuck in "resize" mode. Full Rhino restart required to resolve

I am getting an issue that I cannot isolate and seems to randomly occur in Rhino 6 with Grasshopper. My cursor switches to “resize” (left/right arrow) mode as if I am resizing a window, which I am not doing. I cannot interact with the main canvas of Grasshopper expect with key commands. To resolve this I have to fully close and reopen Rhino, not just the Grasshopper window. Please advise. Here’s a link to a video of what I’m talking about:

Grasshopper cursor error screencapture


Does it happen in empty files, or do you need to have some components loaded first?

Hmmm… Good question. I haven’t noticed it in blank files before, no. One thing that does seem to be a pattern is that I am going in and out of the custom C# component a fair amount when it happens.