Current SRC rendering issue

Since updating to 8.1 SRC
I can’t do anything… but wait for many minutes between any setting or layers manipulation.
[view port manipulation seems ok]


Memory goes crazy, with almost any touch… here trying to adjust the environment. it shot up from 15 to 64gb. and it is not going down even when I stopped the render.
It’s now impossible to make any progress adjusting the rendering scene… [using Bella] even in a very small viewport of 1000 x 1000 pix.

Working with a heavy file… but that same file behaved reasonably in Beta, no it is impossible [and I added nothing to it]

are there any known regressions with SR1 C2…?

thanks a lot

Hi Akash -

my thought of the moment is that there may be some incompatibility will Bella. If you disable Bella in Settings > Plug-ins page, quit Rhino completely and re-launch it, does it behave better?


Hi Pascal
But I need to render in Bella.
I’m done modeling on this file, it’s all about rendering now

Understood, but we still need to know. We’ll at least know where to look for the problem.


It behaves better, Memory only goes up to 38 - 40 gb. and it is more responsive
[I didn’t change the materials so for Cycle it all just plain plastic-ish so not so much to calculate … ]

Edit: but trying to setup a rhino material and it still takes long time to set anything
[but not as bad as with Bella active[

Edit again.
with Rhino Material it is more responsive then Bella, But still very unpleasant
[the time in both renders is not the actual rendering that is fine, also navigation is reasonable. it is setting up anything in the scene…

hi @Akash can you share the file that is not working?

Hi @Gijs
I can upload it later / tomorrow [its large and private ]
for now I’m still trying to repair rhino from the unfortunate reset…
After that is [hopefully] resolved, I’ll be able to test the file again, and if it is not better, I’ll upload it.

thanks a lot

Hi Again @Gijs
Thank you.
Things are better now after removing the problematic [in the sense of preventing sleep at least ] plugin Data Smith [ and perhaps the reset also helped]

My memory usage while rendering wit Bella, is better [33gb down from more then 60 previously ]
and responsiveness is [although not very good] more in line with what I would expect in Rhino with such heavy meshes…

As mentioned before, the very slow performance issues are with the layer panel and the various rendering related panels. the actual navigation and rendering are reasonable . [the file itself is 2.7gb]
I Probably should try to clean it up from old versions of objects and what ever else is not in use, to see if it makes R8 happier .

Please let me know if you think I should still upload the file for you to look at?

thanks again

yes a file like this is very helpful