Cumulative formula script


I am trying to recreate an excel process in Grasshopper using a script. I was initially looking at foreach loops in a C# component but am struggling. To be honest i don’t mind which language its in, so long as it works!

Below is an image of the excel sheet.

The process outputs the data in column C based on all other data which is predefined (ideally as lists/numerical inputs into a Grasshopper component). The formula in C5 is a unique initialisation =A5-B5-B1 then all subsequent items on the list follow the pattern as per C6 which is =IF(C5+A6-B6-$B$1>$B$2,$B$2,C5+A6-B6-$B$1).

Any assistance greatly appreciated



I assume this should do the trick: (10.9 KB)

Don’t know C# sadly :confused:

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So simple when you know how!

Thanks for the ridiculously fast and accurate response @lando.schumpich

Hi again,

I’ve been having fun with loops stemming from the conversation above but have run into the following error which has stumped me:

Runtime error (TypeErrorException): ‘float’ object is unsubscriptable
line 126, in script

I’ve attached the .gh below with internalised data for reference. Is there an easy fix to this issue?


Ian (143.6 KB)

The problem python is complaining about is this part:

    if chp1Cap[i] == 0:
    effCHP1check = genCHP1[i] / chp1Cap

I’m not sure what you are trying to do here.
chp1Cap is supplied by your input as a single float 0.00 so you cant iterate over it with chp1Cap[i].
The if-statement contradicts itself in a way because afterwards you try to divide by chp1Cap which is either a list or 0 which then gives an DivideByZeroError.

I think there might be missing some data can you explain more detailed what you try to achieve with the definition?

Apologies Lando - heres some more information. the script in that area should actually read:

for i in range(0, len(genCHP1), 1):

effCHP1check = genCHP1[i]

if chp1Cap > 0:
    effCHP1check = genCHP1[i] / chp1Cap

but i was just changing conditions to see if it would affect the unsubscriptable error.

I want chp1Cap to be a single number (which i change via a slider) and what i am trying to do is skip over this part of the script if chp1Cap = 0.

hope that makes sense!

Further, here is a cleaner version of the error - all i would like to happen is for outCHP1 and loadCHP1 to output a list of 8760 0’s if chp1Cap = 0. you will see there is no error if chp1Cap is > 0… (99.2 KB) (98.5 KB)

If you use a similar logic as your first if-statement from the demandelec loop it works.

Couldn’t see the woods for the trees :slight_smile: Thanks!