Cull volumes that contain brep inside

Hi everyone! I am working with a set of stairs that intersect with a repeated box (or volume) like in the screenshots. However, I now need to cull all of the boxes that intersect or even contain this other geometry which are sort of like ramps (or stairs). How can I check if they are contained within or intersecting the volume, and cull them later?

This is the volume containing the stairs:

This is the whole volume of boxes that contain the stairs within or intersecting

These are the stairs contained withing the whole volume

cull volumes that contain (150.2 KB)

Thank you!!!

cull volumes that contain (150.9 KB)
If you allow to remain just touching(not crossing)boxes…
cull volumes that contain (155.6 KB)

Or like this?
cull volumes that contain (155.1 KB)

yes! thank you very much!!