Cull pattern component problem

Hi everybody,

I am trying to recreate the structure of a spatial truss using Grasshopper. I have created a surface and divided it in both directions using the isotrim component to create the trusses and then i used the cull pattern component to select only the lines i needed in each direction (the number of elements in each truss must be different for each direction) and everything seemed to work fine with my first prototype. But now that I have changed the base points of the structure the order of the elements in the list seems to have changed since i cannot replicate the correct geometry, with parts missing. I have tried every combination but it seems to always have problems. I have attached two images at the bottom so you can see what I mean. The first is taken crating a subdivision of 2 by 3, the second 3 by 5. What am I doing wrong?

Cover (43.6 KB)