Cull mid points from mesh to create surface


I want to create 4 point surfaces out of each rectangle in this mesh, however, not all the rectangles have 4 points, some have unwanted midpoints. Is there a way to cull these mid vertices and make sure all of them have 4 points? Or to make them all into surfaces in another way?

Thanks (259.8 KB)

I managed to get something similar to what I wanted with Mesh Corners in Kangoroo 2.
There is however a problem that not all surfaces gets 4 points, and also that they are not listed correctly, some have the top edge, some have the right side. Is there a solution that could do this but solve these 2 problems? (263.1 KB)

Hi @pegelatrin,

A custom GHPython script that I wrote a while back seems to be a perfect fit for what you’re trying to accomplish here!

The script basically tries to convert closed polylines with more than 4 segments to irregular rectangles or polylines with exactly 4.

It seems to work like a charm with your example! (265.0 KB)


OMG! This is actually perfect! Thank you so much!

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