Cuadricular grid within an ellipse?

HI! I was wondering if there’s any way to build a grid within a curve?

Please give more information, perhaps there are too many ways to create a grid within a curve.

It matters what are you planning to use the grid for.

Hi! I’m trying to create a grid within a closed curve like an ellipse. This grid will represent a water collection system where each cell will be divided in 4 slopes X-shaped so that the water flows to the middle

  1. Compute bounding box of ellipse you will get flat box / surface
  2. Subdivide that surface into quads
  3. Split quad surfaces with ellipse
  4. Since ellipse is closed check if any of split quad points are inside of ellipse

Otherwise hatch it but hatch would not give panels you want

But are you talking rhino or grasshopper? I Need to perform this action in grasshopper since the ellipse is a changing curve regarding its size. I need for the grid to change along as the size of the Ellipse.

Grasshopper, if ellipse is not on xy plane bounding box component has plane input so you can input whatever ellipse.

And what is the box i need to use for step n2?

Do you know how to subdivide flat bounding box surface into quads using isotrim and divide domain for step 2?

No I don’t know how

Step 2 for flat box


Thank you! But since I’m a starter I don’t understand the symbols that well…could you tell me what component names those are please?

Isotrim and Divide Domain

this is like the drawing (although the cut rectangles are not actually polygons, they have a curved side) (10.4 KB)

Edit: curve to polyline turns your shape into a polygon so it’s easier for construction if that’s your goal. (12.9 KB)

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Hi! This is exactly IT! However I can’t seem to open it in gh…do I need any special component or plugin?

No, no plugins. You shouldn’t have a problem, even in Rhino 5…
do you get any messages?
(pls tell me you didn’t download the image :smile: )