Ctrl+Shift+V doesn't run the Command Macro

Instead it pastes some random text from the clipboard. Most of the time it’s the code line from the script under Ctrl+Shift+C. Just tested Ctrl+Shift+D = works as intended.

Option Explicit

Public BPObjects, BPBasePoint

Call BasePointCopier()

Sub BasePointCopier()
	BPObjects = Rhino.GetObjects("Pick objects to Copy",, True, True)
	If Not IsArray(BPObjects) Then Rhino.Print "Copy cancelled":Exit Sub
	BPBasePoint = Rhino.GetPoint("Pick a base point")
	If Not IsArray(BPBasePoint) Then BPObjects = Null:Rhino.Print "Copy cancelled":Exit Sub
	Rhino.Print "Object(s) copied"
End Sub

Option Explicit

Call BasePointPaster()

Sub BasePointPaster()
Dim TargetPoint

If IsNull(BPObjects) Or IsEmpty(BPObjects) Then Rhino.Print"Nothing to Paste":Exit Sub

If IsArray(BPObjects) And IsArray(BPBasePoint) Then
	TargetPoint = Rhino.GetPoint("Pick a target point")
	If Not IsArray(TargetPoint) Then Rhino.Print "Paste cancelled":Exit Sub
	Rhino.CopyObjects BPObjects, BPBasePoint, TargetPoint
End If

End Sub

Yep, this is the same as


I imagine. I gave it a nudge…


Thanks Pascal!