"Crv" Component Embedded with non-Rhino-reliant Curves

Warning: This might be the simplest question ever asked on this forum :slight_smile:

The attached GH file has a “Crv” component that has a set of curves built into it (which I obviously didn’t create). How do I create something like this?

I am familiar with dropping a “Crv” component onto the Grasshopper canvas, right clicking it, choosing “Set Multiple Curves”, and then associating it with curves that are drawn in the Rhino model. However, this requires the curves to exist in Rhino in order for it to work. The attached files seems to somehow have a set of curves exist completely within Grasshopper.

Can someone tell me how to create this type of Crv Component that is associated with curves that exists within Grasshopper instead of within Rhino?

Embedded Curves.gh (1.4 KB)

After setting the curves > Right click component > Internalize data


Thanks Michael, that was it!