CRhinoMouseCallback question

I am migrating my plugin from Rhino5 to Rhino7 and found that my class derived from CRhinoMouseCallBack is not getting mouse events in Rhino7. I have overrides in my class for the following events : OnMouseMove and OnMouseDown. None of them is hit. How to do the migration, do you have any code example how to use CRhinoMouseCallBack in Rhino7.

Do you call the Enable() function on the class instance that inherits from CRhinoMouseCallBack?

Yes I am calling Enable. This is code that worked with Rhino5. It does not with Rhino7

Hi @Elizabeta,

This seems to work as Iā€™d expect.

cmdTestElizabeta.cpp (1.9 KB)

ā€“ Dale

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Thank you Dale it works