Creative Engineer / Developer

McNeel Europe S.L will recruit a software development engineer for three years in the frame of a Horizon 2020 ICT- 20- 2017 research and innovation project called V4Design of the European Commision where McNeel as part of the consortium leads one of the work packages.

You will need to develop and deploy the system architecture to communicate (via Apache Kafka or other message bus system) between the modules developed by the consortium partners.

The first task will be to develop a roadmap for this system, followed by developing and deploying an integration system for applications developed in other work packages (28 months).

You need to have experience in the following systems and languages: Kafka, MongoDB, Java, Docker, REST APIs, and all of the DevOps tools to support the collaborative development of the system (CI, git, Issue Tracking, etc).

Other desired experience would be in .net/mono languages (C#), HTML5/CSS

Other key skills are ability to communicate conclusions through writing clear documentation in excellent English or through verbal communication to both users and technicians part of the consortium.

You need to be based in the European Union as it will be obligatory to travel each 3 months to meeting held in different locations within the EU. It is possible to work remotely.

Please send your CV to us in Word format along with daily rate and availability. You can DM me directly or send the information to luis at mcneel dot com

Minimum Level of Study: Undergraduate Degree

Minimum Experience: 1 year

Job type: 50% Part Time, Temporary project for 3 yrs

Fundamental Skills / Experience:

  • Apache Kafka (setup, deploy, manage)
  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, Javascript
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • REST services and APIs
  • DevOps (Issue Tracking w/ Jira, YouTrack, or similar; Continuous Integration; git; etc)
  • Linux and Windows OS
  • Good level of English (spoken and written)

Additional Experience Desired but not required:

  • Programming Languages: .net / mono (c# or other), python
  • HTML5, CSS
  • SDKs: Unity, RhinoCommon
  • AWS, Azure

Position Requirements:

  • Travel

Working remotely ok.