Creating Vertical Rib Structure Geometry, Incomplete arches

I am making a pavilion on Grasshopper and I am confused about why the vertical ribs are not complete as it some ribs are in the air and not making the arches I want. I assume it is because of the initial tween curve to create it frames.

I attached some photos and a grasshopper script.

Vertical Structure 2

7 Design Exploration Design Options Work In (94.2 KB)

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I have not looked at the whole file but one thing is faulty in the top right corner of the screenshot:

Your surface going into the plane input is not planar.

I’ve used a Project component instead and the result looks like this

7 Design Exploration Design Options Work In (103.0 KB)

Hi Martin, thank you so much! I followed the script and just rebuild the curve so the loft function can work properly.

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