Creating surface from connecting 2D drawings at different Z levels


I am currently running the trial of rhino to see if it is the right program for what I’m trying to do, I don’t have much experience in 3d modeling. I have a drawing with dimensions of a shape at different Z levels which need to be connected and then split into parts to import into CAM software. My goal is to get the two drawings connected with a surface and then cross section the result every .75 inches to get the shape that needs cut at each step. I was using sweep2 to connect them but some of the curves create incorrect surfaces. It’s possible this program isn’t intended for this task or I’m going about it wrong. Any input is appreciated.example.3dm (189.4 KB)

What is the intended shape between the curves?

It should be as close to straight as possible between the two levels

Here is an updated file with some connections that might help show what I’m looking to doexample.3dm (194.7 KB)

The upper curves have notches while the lower curves are smooth. What should be the transition between the upper and lower? What happens with the notches? There are multiple possibilities, even with straight lines.

You need to Split or Trim, and Join the curves to create a single upper and lower outer polycurves.

And there are straight lines between all the points. Therefor the incorrect surfacesexample

example.3dm (351.0 KB)

Thanks a bunch, It looks like those lines were causing most of my issues. I have a somewhat closed surface now. What would be the best way to get the overall shape at different Z levels? I imagined something ‘slicing’ through the model and taking that piece out, is this possible?

Are you looking for curves at different Z-levels?
You could use the Section command. Or array planes and use Intersect or IntersectTwoSets.

Ideally I would like to see and be able to select the whole outline from a top down view at various z levels(I need this information at about 30 different levels) so I can get the dimensions of the curves as they change going up. I just found clipping planes, maybe that will help.

Look at the Contour command - see the help file for details.

HTH, Jakob

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Contour.3dm (847.2 KB)

This is exactly what I was trying to do, I really appreciate all the help everyone.