Creating net-like material in rhino for 3d printing


I was wondering if someone could help me with the following project.

I am trying to 3d print a simple curved strip made in rhino as a net/mesh material rather than a solid 3d print. Here is a reference image of the kind of netting I am referring to.

Ideally, the edges of the 3d print would be a clean smooth edge and then everything in between that would be a kind of netting. It would also be ideal if I could achieve a slightly smaller netting than the one in the reference. The idea is that I can sew through the small holes in the netting material of the 3d print.

Here is an image of the rhino-created strip that I would like to print in the net material. It is a simple extruded surface with some filleted edges.

Is this kind of project feasible using rhino or do you recommend using another workflow/program?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hello - MultiPipe should help here if you have a matrix of nicely aligned line segments as inputs-


Thank you! I will give it a try today!