Creating lights in gh to calculate light intensity on an object

Hi team. I’m trying to create a bunch of LEDs in gh and calculate the irradiance they impart on an object. I’d like to create the light with a given intensity, set a falloff wrt distance, and measure how much light gets to an object (irradiance). There will be many objects, so line-of-sight/shadowing will have to be taken into account.

All the forum topics I could find on the matter were from 2009-2013, so I suspect they’re not relevant any more. (All the ones I could find said not possible).

Are there any plugins for creating lights? Are there any plugins for measuring light intensity? The only ones I’ve found so far (Ladybug, Honeybee) are for solar lighting and architecture, I’m looking to use it for an optical/mechanical system.

Thanks for the help!

Check out ClimateStudio which can calculate illuminance from electric lighting. It’s optionally parametric with their grasshopper components. It’s a stable and fantastic plug-in well worth the cost.