Creating Colour and Pattern from numbers

Hey guys,
Looking for some Input.

I have a list of X numbers. that looks somewhat like this


I want to use these numbers to create Colour and pattern Input for the Human “Create Hatch” - Component.
The way that i want These numbers to create Colours/Patterns is the following:

All numbers between two integers create the same pattern.
All numbers between two integers create slightly different Colour variations.

So the list from earlier should produce something like this:
Number Hatch Colour
1 Solid Green
2 Hatch1 Blue
3 Hatch2 Red
3.1 Hatch2 Red2
3.2 Hatch2 Red3
2.1 Hatch1 Blue2

Anyone has some idea how this would be best implemented? The numbers ight become larger than 10 in the future if that matters

I can help you through the sorting process, see the attached GH definition. (7.3 KB)
But how to assign colors, i dont know.

By the way, the sifting i have done is only realistic for some 10 values or so, depending on your patience.
If i figure out some smarter way to do it, i will post it.

Perhaps a better way to sift the list (7.3 KB)

Update 2:
I think this might be what you are looking for (10.8 KB)