Creating a surface of identical kubiks

Hi, I want to create a wall made out of kubiks (or beams). The height of the beams have to be randomized. I just started working with Grasshoper and I don’t know how I can divide a plane in equal squares and then give each square a random height. In the picture below you can see something I want as a result (I made this with Rhino and designed every beam at a time).

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Dividing a surface up into equal squares is harder than creating a square grid. I’d recommend starting with that. Once you have your squares (or rectangles actually) you can then use the Box Rectangle component to turn those rectangles into boxes. In order to make them random though, you’ll need to supply a list of random heights. This will be easier if you group all your rectangles into a single collection (using Flatten), then measure the length of the resulting list and finally use the Random component to generate a list of random values with the same length as your rectangle list.

As usual Joseph, your solutions are simpler and better than mine.


I like to keep a simple mind. :sunglasses:

I just couldn’t help myself (13.3 KB)