Creating a Last

I found a pdf and video on making a last but I’m having a problem with it. For some reason the front get twisted. Following both i always get the same result. for the video

You got an example file?

Probably rhino tries to create an object but your heel rise is very high and get it mixed up. The more lines you have between the upper and lower curve the better rhino can create a surface. So I think you should try to draw some more lines between those 2.

if that pdf didn’t have a million points i would think it could be perhaps the points too close to the center

As I said in my previous post. You need 2 more lines.
See my image:

Left my lines. Right my Networksrf smooth and clean :slight_smile:

ok thanks :slight_smile:

For some reason i cant get the lines to snap to the curves they go to a zero axis. Getting frustrated lol.

Turn the view a bit.
check your osnap settings. if everything is checked
check if your osnap is turned on

Project was on for some reason lol. Are you using Sweep 2 Rails? Im getting the same issue even with the lines

No I’m not using sweep I’m using NetworkSrf command.
And also I’ve move some points to the nose. If you look at the top your “Oval” isn’t oval. It has a weird corner in it.
I’ve removed that one.

Yeah i caught that. I tried everything following those tutorials. and sweep rail 2 to me is flawed. trying to see why the video and mcneel book shows the sweep 2 rail and it works great but mines always is screwed up. ive tried other things with sweep to rails some work some make a gap some overlap like my last. not sure what why off center perhaps.