Creating a Barrel Vault With Consistent Brick Dimensions

Hello, Ive been trying to figure out how I can make a barrel vault using a consistent brick dimension 150 x 75 x 50. However, as im relatively new to grasshopper, ive been facing many issues. I have done a few iterations which I will screenshot below.

First Itteration---- Script works well in terms of specifying brick dimensions, however, it isnt applying the bricks consistently throughout the arch.
Second Itteration----- Script works well in creating a realistic brick laying for a vault, however the surface isnt connected to the side walls, also, with the PARAKEET script, I cannot specify certain brick dimensions. Itll have to be through trial and error. Of course, correct me if Im wrong.

Thank you for your time. Would appreciate some screenshots of the demonstration! Thanks a lot.

You are very descriptive of your problem, however nobody can help you if you don’t upload the file :rofl:

Hi @g00082234,

Here is a barrel vault script, although it may do more than you need. It sets bricks in a stretcher bond, running along the length of the vault and with bricks placed on edge. You can also specify minimum and maximum permissible visible mortar widths. Note that the brick sizes used are actual, not modular (ie they don’t include the mortar allowance).

The script requires you to place two parallel surfaces representing the tops of the supports on which the vault will rest (there are two internalised surfaces which can be replaced with yours). (58.1 KB)



This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!
Ill give it a shot.


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Hello Jeremy, I just gave it multiple shots, but nothing is previewing. I tried to set different surfaces. From what I understood the surface is what the vault rests on. Is that correct? Or have I misunderstood? I dont think the surfaces are being referenced into the script correctly.

Looks like your preview is off. Check the options up here:

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I can finally see the vault generated, however, it seems that the mortar is at a different place than the generated brick. Is there any reason why it appears that way? It isnt coming out very clean. Could it be due to the surface generation?


Internalise your support surfaces and brick and mortar settings and either post or pm me the .gh file and I’ll take a quick look.


BrickBarrelVault Edited (17.1 KB)