Create Uniform Panels on Twisting Tower

Good afternoon,

I am fairly new to grasshopper and am trying to wrap a twisting tower with uniform facade panels. I am having two issues:

  1. I have not been able to figure out how to to get the panels to “terminate” or “align” at the floor plate lines. I have used the twisted box method to get the panels on the tower but do not know how to get them to align with the floors. The panels are offset (see attached image for desired effect), which has complicated things when coupled with the geometry of the tower. In addition, the floors at the top of the tower are slightly taller than the typical floors of the rest of the tower. (Note: This project is in meters)

  2. The panels must be applied in a manner so that they are as uniform as possible. By this I mean the variation between panels needs to be minimized in order to be constructed efficiently. The edges of the tower are radiused and I understand that custom panels would be needed to achieve this turn. Ideally the rest of the tower would be covered with geometrically identical panels. I divided the tower using Paneling Tools into U and V lines and then used twisted box to apply the facade but this has netted panels that are almost all unique. I am looking to standardize how they sit on the facade.

I would be very greatly for any insight from the community in how to tackle these problems. I have been all over the forums but haven’t had much luck troubleshooting this.


Tower Frames.3dm (3.3 MB)
Tower Frames (6.8 KB)

Hi Reidstone!

To get a correct alignments you have to divide your surface in the desired parts. You have to calculate the count of parts by dividing the overall size of the tower with the desired height. but you have different story heights, so you have to somehow get a irregular grid. the other easier option would be to split the surface in the 3-stories-parts.
I hope I could help you somehow.
The modified script is attached.


Tower Frames (1.9 MB)

Hi Bumaye,

First off thank you very much for your time helping me tackle this problem. I’ve looked over your scripts and I understand the approach you took to solve the floor height issue. Method 1 looks really great for my purposes. I just have one last issue that I have been unable to resolve.

I need to get the frames to turn the corner more accurately than they currently do. Please see attached image. I’ve found that using “twisted box” creates a sharp edge instead of the radius that is needed for this model.This is partially because the U and V grid is very large to accommodate the size of bay that grasshopper arrays across the facade. The only other approach I could think of to get the facade to operate like I need is to divide the U and V grid to be smaller and “offset” similar to the offset panel tool in Lunchbox. Please see attached image for frame module aligning at the 1/3 and 2/3 points. That would make the facade module turn the corner better? Perhaps you know a better solution?

Also, is there is anyway to determine how many “unique” panels make up this cladding system for the sake of constructability? I haven’t found a good plug-in/script to figure this out.

Thanks so much for the help,


Tower Frames.3dm (3.3 MB)
Tower Frames (1.9 MB)

Hi Reidstone,

your base surface is a curved nurbs-surface. So if you use components like surface box, the surface will be “rebuild” to a lower degree of the surface ( box count = “resolution of your surface”).
Even if you use paneling tools, you have to be aware of the segmentation of your surface. You could overcome if you try a different kind of morphing. you could lookup the morph components of paneling tools.

EDIT: you coul lookup at the plugin “Skin Designer” ( google will give you the links). I used it once. Maybe it could solve your problems.