Create thickness from contiguous Surfaces

This is a demo with only three contiguous surfaces (made from a single surface) Its a proxy for 10 carefully made surfaces with high precision that form a single brep. Now it needs thickness such that it becomes a solid for meshing.

The surfaces cannot be joined. A Brep cannot be offset. There is no way to create all the surfaces as one surface from the underlying curves.

A mesh as a final result is ok.

Surface Thickness (178.2 KB)


Like this?

Surface Thickness (176.3 KB)

That will work. On the more complex model at higher tolerance the edges dont meet on the offset surfaces beyond about .02, but that is to be expected.

If I took the orignal surfaces and converted them into a mesh, can i join them and offeset them as mesh?

Surface Thickness (212.3 KB)

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Heh heh… I can see I have to be less lazy in creating my proxy surfaces

(Using Weaverbird)


This still works though

The power and capability of GH is staggering.

Surface Thickness (53.7 KB)