Create sliders with conditions


Hello I would like to create a slider with a condition. For example, if a have two sliders, i would like make one of them with the restriction of the high level never being higher than the level of the first one. Hope I can explain. Thanks

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You’ll have to post-process your values, slider limits/values/accuracies cannot be changed by other objects in the file (at least not without some sort of plugin such as MetaHopper).


Do you mean something like this? (Upper sliders sets max, lower slider yields its value or gets stuck at Max. Max value always wins if lowered below the lower slider value):

Slider Conditional (5.8 KB)

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YESS, thanks RILL


Only one “L” in RIL. This is important. I don’t know why though. :wink:

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OK, sorry, thanks again


Just multiply by a ‘0 To 1’ slider:


Minimum or using Expression


like it, thanks