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Would it be possible to make RiR components to modify e.g. floors and divide them into parts based on Rhino curves?

Do you mean you want to split a floor or a roof by a Rhino curves? A more specific question would be a lot easier to tackle and respond to,

Sorry, @eirannejad I always try my best to be specific :wink:

I am referring to dividing floors or walls into pieces by Create Parts method.

For example, I got one Floor slab and a room layout (that I modify frequently as I work), at the same time I need to update floor division.
I thought that I can use Grasshopper to extract Room geometry to get room boundary curves.
Those curves would serve me as input curves in dividing Floor into Parts and automatically assigning properties to those parts.

Important, that this operation would not delete and create a new floor, but modify the existing one, so every other thing related to this floor remain intact e.g. attached walls.

@Czaja Great! Thanks for the explanation. So we don’t have components to work with parts yet, but here are two python components to Get Floor Parts and Split Part By Curve. They’re a bit crude and need fine-tuning but hope this helps you get started with your Grasshopper solution. I’ll put these on the list to make native GH components for

Floor Parts_V20.rvt (380 KB) Floor (12.5 KB)

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Submitted an issue for this:

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Hi, thank you very much for these components. Is there anything already in use in RIR to create parts from a Revit element?

thank you

Hi Massimiliano_Battist,

Using the Elements Parts Geometry will return the Parts of an Element eligible to become a ‘Part’, does that help?