Create partition of a several equal Number Range

Good day,

I would need a script that create a partition of a number range of a list. I found a script that does what I need but the Range is always 5 and I would need it to adjust it to any Value. Also it limited to Integers only List.

There is a PartitionList component, maybe that solves your problem?

this goes through all values val in the list and does the integer division between that value and the divisor of choice: if the result is different from the result of the previous iteration, it slices the list

below average coding skills and not tested extensively tho :slight_smile: (13.2 KB)

[edit] I think I have completely misunderstood what you are looking for :slight_smile:

maybe: given a list of numbers, divide the Bounds of the values in the list into n ranges and split the original list accordingly (14.5 KB) (7.6 KB)