Retrieve size for partition list

Hi. I have the following cumulative sum list and I’d like to make a partition list at every sum less than 1250, for example the first partition would be at the index 10, the next one at 20, 32… and so on.

How can I retrieve those sizes for the partition list?

Cumulative (17.8 KB)

How you get a sum less than 1250 with this numbers?

sorry if I didn’t explain myself good, what I mean is to divide the list at every 1250 (not the index, but the data number) so the first division would be at 1210 (i 10), second at 2420 (i 20) and so on.

Try this (26.8 KB)

Hi, that’s an interesting method but I believe it cannot be applied to this case since the numbers are not exactly multiples of 1250, so it will be shifting the numbers everytime. You can also see that at some point it starts to create a big difference with the integers. Do you have any other suggestion?. In any case thank you very much for your help

Try this; the method is to create multiples of 1250 and convert numbers to points than use closest point to find the closest numbers to the multiples of 1250 (26.4 KB)

When a problem is so poorly described that it takes more effort to understand the question than provide the answer, why bother. Many threads here are like that.

Hey that’s a more interesting method, and it worked way better, now that’s something I can use. Thank you very much for your help and time, I really appreciate it!