Create list of integer out of constant stream of data

Suppose that i get constant data from Arduino (series of 1 and 0).
Is there a way to populate a list with this data that i get ‘on the go’?

And suppose that i added 20 items to this list. is there a way to initialize/empty the list and repopulate it with new 20 items?

Sounds like you and @alex.goft are working on the same problem? Similar, anyway.

Why don’t you just record your series of data(0 & 1) and partition them with the number 20? (7.7 KB)

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how can i choose the first chunk of items (the latest created chunk of 20 items?)
I tried list items, but it gives back a single item and not list

You have several options – Use “Tree Branch” or “Split Tree” or “Explode Tree”…

thank you, with tree explode i get the first chunk created. but i need dinamically the last one (latest). I could figure out how the rest of the components help. could you please elaborate? choose the last 20 items in a list

Get this as well… (9.1 KB)