Create grid of surfaces from individual lines

Hi All,

I need to create a series of surfaces or polylines to define each individual cell in the attached Rhino doc. Any clever ideas how I could do this? The base geometry is a series of individual lines cut at each intersection.

Grids.3dm (57.7 KB)



This is one way.

GridCells fr (12.0 KB)

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Awesome stuff - I knew there would be some form of simple way around this! I especially approve of your nice straight wires.

How do you do the snapshot of the rhino window in your GH canvas?


@HS_Kim - Any idea why these cells are grouping into one rather than being four separate cells?

Generate Cells (18.6 KB)

This could probably be a tolerance issue. Try to chance your rhino unit absolute tolerance fr 0.001 to 0.01 and then Recompute(F5) in GH.

@HS_Kim Bingo, thanks!