Create diagonal list of points

Hi, I have currently being able to flip the order of the list from vertical to horizontal.


What i want to do now is to create a sort of diagoanl grid in a surface similar to this.


So i can make a kind of 3d grid along the surface.

I have currently achieved this by hand, but i want to do one with grasshopper so it’s more accurate and so later i can cut thsi net in half with that surface.

You’ll have to upload your gh file, otherwise it’s really hard for people to say anything intelligible.
See: How to ask effective questions

diagonal grid (5.4 KB)
Diagonal grid file.3dm (165.1 KB)

Handmade Diagonal Grid.3dm (182.3 KB)

This is what i want to achieve.

Thanks in advance.

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I think this is what you are after.


Let me check it out. Thanks.

You will always have trouble creating nice straight sections across that surface because the curves all start in different places. This will make it very hard to use those curves as start-points for your diamond grid.

Also your hand drawn grid has all sorts of partial lines depending on whether a specific curve is shorter or longer than its neighbours. There a lot of human intuition and knowledge that goes into these kinds of decisions that’s hard to replicate in code.

I added some logic (but a lot of it requires manual choices) to make your curves all roughly start in the same place. diagonal grid (17.7 KB)

Understood, I just tried what djnelson75 sent me, and it helped me to understand more, but It marks an error.

I just saw what you sent me, and I’m revising just now. (13.8 KB)


I’ll finish revising what you sent me, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you very much David.
now my next challenge with this net.

Looks like you have it solved but if interested the reason your RelItem failed was you put
(0;0;+1) [1] as the path it needs to be {0;0;+1}[1] . Curly brackets not parentheses.

Thanks! I just checked it out and it works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Yes! thank you so much, I needed to learn this